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Just another forum.
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Why did we even start Includefault?
There's a lot of places online to discuss tech and stuff, but we noticed a trend where genuine, thoughtful discussions were being overshadowed by aggressive marketing and content that was more about garnering likes and views than fostering real conversation. We wanted to prioritize meaningful engagement over mere visibility, ensuring that our community remains a place where sincere thoughts and ideas are valued and shared, away from the noise of self-promotion and the constraints of algorithms.

What does 'Includefault' signify?
Our name, Includefault, kinda plays on 'include' and 'default.' This name isn't just a nod to programming languages; it encapsulates our core philosophy. 'Include' represents inclusivity, a cornerstone of our community ethos. 'Default', on the other hand, signifies a focus on standards, essence, and the nature of things. It's a reminder of the internet's original spirit: a place for open, meaningful exchanges across a spectrum of ideas and viewpoints. It's like saying, "Hey, let's include everyone in these default, everyday conversations about tech and life."

What are the main topics at Includefault?
Our community delves into technology, creativity, and everyday life. It's a broad spectrum, and we're exploring ways to deepen these discussions.

How's Includefault different from those other forums?
We're trying to be more like a chill coffee shop than a lecture hall. A place where you can just talk about tech or your day without feeling out of place. It's a work in progress, but we hope it feels more like hanging out with friends.

I'm new here. What should I do first?
Just jump into discussions. No pressure to be an expert or anything. Share what you know, ask questions, or talk about your day. We're all here to learn and chill together.

What if I disagree with someone here?
Totally cool! Just be kind about it. We're all about friendly debates and learning from each other's perspectives.

What's the dream for Includefault?
We envision a stable, vibrant platform where meaningful discussions thrive. Just to keep growing as this cool spot where people feel comfortable sharing, learning, and just being themselves. Let's see where this journey takes us.