Google's Gemini AI Demo Controversy

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I'm trying to make sense of the recent controversy around Google's Gemini AI demo. Reports suggest the demo wasn't a live demonstration, but a production using text prompts and still images, raising questions about its authenticity.

This approach seems to contradict Google's reputation for AI innovation. Why would Google choose to misrepresent Gemini's capabilities? Is this a common practice in tech demos, or something else?

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I'm genuinely dismayed by Google's approach with the Gemini AI demo. It's disheartening and frankly, misleading, for a tech titan like Google to present a fabricated demo of Gemini. This isn't just a small oversight; it's a significant blow to the trust and transparency we expect in tech innovations. Misrepresenting capabilities in a high-profile demo raises serious questions about authenticity and integrity. It's a sharp departure from the pioneering spirit we associate with Google. Such actions only fuel skepticism in an industry already grappling with trust issues. It's a letdown for both tech enthusiasts and the broader public.